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Easy To Use, Store Proven Point Of Sale Software Since 1988

Easy To Use, Store Proven Point Of Sale Software Since 1988

Retail Plus is a powerful retail management program for Microsoft Windows. It allows users to maintain absolute control over all aspects of sales and inventory while presenting an easy and professional customer checkout. It is a great solution for both the sales counter and telephone order desk.

Our mission is to create award winning POS software that delivers the right mix of simplicity, features and price.

Why Automate Sales With Retail Plus?

Any POS software can save you time, increase accuracy and provide greater control over what happens at the sales counter. But most systems involve high prices, complex setup and big training requirements. Retail Plus is the alternative that removes these barriers with an easy to use, affordable system.

POS Works with QuickBooks (Optional)

Over the last 18 years Retail Plus POS has evolved into a cutting-edge system while simplicity has remained a priority. It will enhance your operation, providing you with increased speed, accuracy and control of your inventory – all of which lead to increased profits and more time to focus on growing your business.

Works with Mercury Payment Systems, X-Charge And ICVerify For Credit Card Approvals

Retail Plus is designed for operation with either a keyboard or a touch screen and can handle any type of retail setting. It includes special features for the fashion industry such as color and size matrix, full reports of every kind, house accounts, and much more.

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Retail Plus will automate your cash counter as well as your order desk, and its QuickBooks ready. For a single store or multiple retail outlets – it will automate your business quickly and easily, and make inventory, vendor and customer management a snap.

The latest cool features: Send out email invoices and price quotes directly from the Point of Sales screen. Also new gift card support and it works with Microsoft Vista!